T A Y L O R  M A D E   T R A V E L

A Los Angeles based Luxury Travel Consultant creating authentic and seamless travel experiences.

As a boutique travel agency, Taylor Made Travel curates and performs a full range of travel services.  We guide our clients on everything from a European family vacation, an around the world honeymoon to booking a flight to JFK or a local hotel for a weekend staycation.   From high end leisure, corporate and entertainment travel we take care of A to Z and anything in between (delayed flights, cancellations - we find solutions quickly)


Taylor is an Angelino, born and raised in the South Bay city of Manhattan Beach. She has been in the travel industry for six years and specializes in corporate, leisure and entertainment travel. Her passion for travel, food, art, language, and culture was robust at a young age being lucky enough to explore many edges of the world with her family. She spent two years in the south of France during university and finished up the last six months of her studies in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A fire lit by her career, she is delighted to bring the same sense of world discovery to others that she experienced on her first international journey. Taylor  is happily married to a Frenchie and a mama to a two-year old girl.

2019's Travel Agent's Central Top 30 under 30 Travel Advisors

Working Languages: English / French